Review: Doom (PC)

Doom’s 2016 release is something of a milestone for the series: after skipping a generation with no brand new games since the 3rd entry, the franchise is back. What’s more, this iteration takes the original release as a much stronger source of inspiration, avoiding the more horror-orientated design of Doom 3. The result is a […]

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Review: Overwatch (PC)

I was skeptical of Overwatch; as a team-based shooter, it felt like too big a departure from the games I expect and enjoy from Blizzard. That skepticism, however, has proven totally unnecessary, as Overwatch is a fantastic surprise from Blizzard’s foray into a genre they had not previously approached.

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Review: Hyper Light Drifter (PC)

Hyper Light Drifter is a game many would describe in relationship to other franchises; a mash-up of old-school Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls first and foremost. While these descriptions would be apt, they only scratch the surface of what Heart Machine has developed here. True to the real beauty of independent games, Hyper Light […]

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Review: Firewatch (PS4)

Firewatch is a game about running away from your problems, told through the eyes of Henry, who is trying to avoid dealing with his wife Julia’s early-onset dementia. Its realistic characters and engrossing environment make Firewatch a success, albeit with small missteps.

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Review: Dragon’s Dogma (PC)

The release of Dragon’s Dogma on PC shows that this RPG still provides some of the most exciting and fun combat found in any genre. From leveling up abilities that can engulf battlefields in fire, to climbing a cyclops and stabbing him in the eye, Dragon’s Dogma proves it is the master of fantasy combat. […]

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Review: Fallout 4

Fallout 4, as you may have heard by now, holds true to the Bethesda formula quite a bit – even the familiar mix of fun and game-breaking bugs. Despite that focus on what is tried and true, and even with some very annoying bugs that are being patched out, Fallout 4 is a reminder that […]

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Review: Dragon Age: Inquisition (PC)

Dragon Age: Inquisition is Bioware’s latest grand RPG venture, and quite possibly their most important of recent history. Bioware’s latest works, whether justifiably or not, have continually garnered more severe scrutiny than the average AAA game. While a myriad of reasons could explain this, it did not help that the previous Dragon Age installment received […]

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