Say Farewell to the Joystiq Family

(This is an update to an earlier news story. The original story can be found below.)

It seems Joystiq may yet live on via a new partnership with Engadget. So far, they have outlined a vision that focuses on gaming as an activity rather than simply covering any and all game coverage. With this comes a focus on Twitch streams and the continuation of reviews without scores as per Joystiq’s most recent shift. Whether or not this means other sites such as Massively will continue remains to be seen.

Original News Story

Joystiq’s recent closure has been received with dismay by many in the gaming industry, and for good reason. The website has been a source of dependable news and coverage for over 10 years, offering a blog-style format that we now take for granted in gaming news. Even more painful is that the work done at Joystiq has always been earnest, and its coverage broad enough to include everyone.

This means that not only are we losing Joystiq, but websites such as Massively and WoW Insider as well. In short; this is a massive blow to the gaming community. They have, for the last decade, promoted discourse on video games that at once offered the comfort of a casual format and approach, and the professionalism of its focus and vision. Even as rumors began to circulate regarding the closing before the official announcement, Joystiq stuck to its work, and was still refining its content, planning on a new approach to reviews that omitted scoring systems.

Whether or not you agree with this or any other approach at Joystiq, you still have to recognize the dedication that comes with innovating while rumors of your closing lurk in the shadows. Penny-Arcade hit the nail on the head when reflecting on the matter in a recent strip.

Joystiq officially stops publishing today, February 3rd. If you get the chance, take the time to visit them and sister sites such as Massively and WoW Insider. Here’s hoping that the talent behind Joystiq and all the other sites in that family continues to thrive wherever they go. We can still expect great things from them.

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