Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Creation

Yesterday, Bioware made available a video revealing some of the options in Dragon Age: Inquisition for character creation and customization. The video highlights the level of detail that players can work with, while also showcasing some very impressive character models, textures, and lighting capabilities. Races shown in the video include male and female humans, male dwarves, female elves, and a female Qunari.

The video does not show every option, but it gives us a clear sense of Bioware’s desire to provide players with more options in creating a unique look. While basic character creation tools are all present, such as hair, skin color, complexion and so on, more fine grain details are also available. These include outer and inner iris color options for eyes, eyelash styles, earlobe sizes, and even options for double chins.

While this level of granular detail may seem overboard, there is little doubt that players who yearn for an in-depth creation process will be amply supplied with options in Dragon Age: Inquisition. More basic features such as facial hairstyles seem to have an increased variety present than before in the franchise. Overall, the video indicates Bioware’s shift to a more unique experience, more in line with the original Dragon Age: Origins, rather than the limited options in Dragon Age 2.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is set for launch November 18th for North America and November 21st in the EU. The full video is provided by Bioware via Youtube, enjoy!

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